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At Playa Bonita, a big part of what we are creating is a family atmosphere. The mantra of Playa Bonita is fresh. We believe in quality. From the best available ingredients to finding that perfect tequila for a cocktail, we believe that if you start with something fresh and whole, you end up with a better product. Our Secret? It’s simple…. We care about everything we do.
The mentality we are attempting to cultivate at Playa Bonita is one of thoughtfulness. Food that is crafted with a purpose. People that are warm and welcoming because well: that’s just how we do it. Our Family at Playa Bonita strives to create that home away from home, and everyone is invited.


Eat & be happy

Whether it is your first time in or you visit twice a week, we welcome you into our home. Serving authentic Mexican style cuisine alongside modern cocktails, a killer beer list and a Latin-driven tequila program, we trust you will find something satisfying to hit the spot. Because so much of our food is simple and rustic, we are able to proudly serve many vegetarian options.


Only the best

We strive to create a loving environment and a truly memorable dining experience. The recipes are 60 years old, but served with a modern culinary approach. This is Mexican done right.

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